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April 19, 2021

Welcome to Techfest Louisville 2021!

Dear Techfester Attendees & Supporters:

We look forward to your participation in our TechFest Louisville activities as we move to our hybrid event in 2021 on Aug. 26-27th, 2021 from our area tech council, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky—your employer-led non-profit tech council! 

TALK has now been an active tech council since 2014 in the Louisville, KY area, with activities at the state and national level including participating with the CyberReadiness Institute, CompTIA, Connected Nation, Cyber.org, Teachcyber.org, and Code.org to name a few partners. TALK’s primary mission is: workforce and economic development. That’s why regionally we connect you—as members and guests– with what’s happening inside KentuckianaWorks, Louisville Forward, University of Louisville’s Trager Institute and Greater Louisville Inc., including the Health Enterprise Network.

Key sponsors already include: Norton Health, Frost Brown Todd, Aspectx and CloudNexus IT!

TechFest Louisville is known for bringing speakers from international to local regions together to give us a more robust view of tech trends today, so that business and tech professionals can build a better future in our communities! We generally have held this event every other year in the last decade, and we will be looking at continuing this wonderful opportunity to connect on a more regular basis as we move forward!

We generally have 200+ people attend our two-day event from surrounding regions in a 150-mile proximity to Louisville, KY from the business-to-business sector. From startup leaders, to tech teachers, to CIOs, government leaders in innovation, IT managers, manufacturing and robotics experts, as well as graphic designers, IT services and support personnel, and those in specialty careers, like healthcare tech—we welcome you all to attend!

Key tracks for our concurrent session approach will include: 

  • –5G & Broadband
  • –Edge Computing
  • –Healthcare IT
  • –Workforce Transformation
  • –Cybersecurity

We will have concurrent sessions from noon on with lunches each day occurring outside as well as a Day 1 cocktail hour. And, let’s not forget about our tradeshow—12 to 20 vendors (click here to sponsor a booth) will be available to you to learn more about the action steps in technology that your company, small business or organization can consider. There’s never a dull moment on the tradeshow floors with demos, and new tech available for your viewing, and special opportunities to do that networking we have all missed during the pandemic.

We will follow all KY Governor Beshear’s mandates and recommendations during our event, as it relates to COVID-19 procedures. If masking is still required, we anticipate that you will be bringing your own mask, for example. Since we are having concurrent sessions, we will have the opportunity to be in session with less than 50 people every hour on the hour.

For those still grappling with COVID-19 issues in their family unit, we anticipate having special virtual keynotes each morning before 11:30 AM that will be open to all you wish to log in on our Facebook Live page for the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK).  Find all our activities at: www.talklou.com

As we bring in speakers and sponsors, you will see this site add information that you can use to plan your two days of fun.

Follow us on Twitter @techfestlou and @talklou as well as on our Facebook page for TALK and our Facebook page for TechFest Louisville and our Linked In page for TALK and our Linked In page for TechFest Louisville

Have Questions?  Email or Executive Director Dawn Yankeelov of TALK who is also president of Aspectx, a PR and communications firm, at  dawny@talklou.com regarding sponsorship or ticket sales.  All speakers will be identified and selected by the TALK board.

We look forward to doing this planning with you!  If you have interest in joining the Techfest Committee, please send email to dawny@talklou.com and we will get you involved.  The commitment runs from now through August 26-27! 

All the best,

Dawn Yankeelov
Executive Director
Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky


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